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Dr. Devin Colburn DC

Man after car accidentDr. Colburn’s commitment to personal injury excellence is reflected in his status as an official Car Injury Doctor Network Provider, one of the few providers in the nation that has completed this personal injury training and who is a personal consultation partner with the largest personal injury chiropractic provider in history, having 77 offices spanning 20 states, and over 600,000 personal injury patient visits annually. With over 30 years combined personal injury experience, Colburn Chiropractic provides a caliber of personal injury expertise that speaks for itself.

We strive for longevity in our professional relationships built upon the trust in our reputation as your personal injury chiropractor you can always count on. There are two reasons this system was used to establish 77 offices across 20 states, and that is our dependability and the quality of work we do.

We have an established network of the top medical providers, including Imaging specialists, Pain management, Neurosurgeon, Neurologist, Neuropsychologist, Orthopedic Surgeon, and Medical Radiologist. This collaborative approach allows us to offer comprehensive care for each patient’s needs.

Other Services Offered:

  • Schedule attorney referrals the same day.
  • Offer patient transportation through Uber.
  • Produce narratives reports within a 2-weeks or sooner if required.
  • Offer a professional discount on narrative reports, depositions, and trial testimony fees.
  • Willing to testify in court
  • Case Evaluations to lend an expert opinion on any questions you may have on a case.
  • Call when patients miss appointments
  • Medical team Support


Additionally, Dr. Colburn hosts CLE courses focused on personal injury every year for attorneys, and constantly strives to further how chiropractors and attorneys can work together for the benefit of those suffering from auto accident injuries.

Personal Availability

Feel free to call us anytime, Dr. Colburn is always willing to chat on the phone or set up an in person meeting.