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Personal Injury Chiropractic Care

Woman on phone after car accidentUnparalleled Expertise

Welcome to Colburn Chiropractic, your trusted partner in personal injury chiropractic care. As the foremost experts in personal injury, we understand the unique challenges that come with recovering from accidents.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our doctor’s status as an official Car Injury Doctor Network Provider, one of the few in the nation that has completed this specialized personal injury training and is a personal consultation partner with the largest personal injury chiropractic provider in history, having 77 offices spanning 20 states, over 600,000 personal injury patient visits annually.

With over 30 years combined personal injury experience, Colburn Chiropractic provides a caliber of personal injury expertise that speaks for itself.

At Colburn Chiropractic, we specialize in treating a range of personal injuries, including but not limited to:


Our team is world class in addressing the complexities of whiplash injuries, offering personalized care to alleviate pain and promote long-term healing.

Disc Injuries

We employ cutting-edge techniques alongside our exceptional medical network of providers to comprehensively address spinal disc injuries, tailoring our approach to each patient’s personal needs.


With a focus on comprehensive care, we provide specialized examinations and treatment for concussions to help patients regain their well-being.

Minor Impact Spinal Soft Tissue Injuries

Minor impact soft tissue injuries are overlooked in 99% of cases due to most chiropractors not having the proper specialized training. The long term impacts and hidden symptoms often go overlooked when your doctor is not equipped with specific personal injury experience. Our team is exceptional in identifying and correctly addressing these injuries to ensure the most complete recovery possible.

Comprehensive Network

We have an established network of the top medical providers, including Imaging specialists, Pain management professionals, Orthopedists, and Neurosurgeons. This collaborative approach allows us to offer comprehensive care for each patient’s needs.

Legal Support

We understand the importance of legal representation in personal injury cases. If our patients require legal assistance, we can confidently refer you to experienced professionals who specialize in personal injury cases.

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At Colburn Chiropractic we first and foremost focus on taking care of each and every one of our patients like family. We handle all aspects of your Personal Injury Chiropractic needs with the utmost care.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation and let us take care of you.

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